Esco's Dredging Cutterheads

Spherilok Cutterhead

The World™s Most Advanced Dredging System

The ESCO Spherilok Dredge Cutterhead employs the very latest in ESCO design and manufacturing technology. Each cutterhead is a custom engineered system. ESCO dredging specialists carefully analyze customer requirements and operating conditions to arrive at the design criteria digging angle, arm spacing profile and size and tooth location and orientation.

ESCO engineers match the design criteria with field proven innovations to produce a cutterhead that provides maximum dredge productivity.

Proven Features Designed to Meet Customer Needs

Every Spherilok Dredge Cutterhead is unique, with proven features that match customer requirements. Examples of this customized design approach include:

  • Hub mounted teeth assist a suction cutter dredge with a hydraulically advanced spud to step forward
  • Ring mounted teeth provide an extra measure of wear protection
  • Arm spacing, profile and tooth type are determined to suit the material being dredged

The superiority of the ESCO Spherilok Dredge Cutterhead is the result of unmatched design and metallurgical capabilities.

Sophisticated Computer Technology

Computer-aided design (CAD) allows ESCO engineers to design cutterheads and components with speed and accuracy.

  • Optimum arm spacing and size can be quickly determined.
  • Accurate tooth location and orientation are the primary consideration in cutterhead performance.


Sand and Clay Cutterhead

Cut sand and clay dredging costs with the Helilok Sand and Clay Cutterhead.

The same technology and design philosophy that goes into making the world™s most advanced rock dredging system is also found in the ESCO Helilok Sand and Clay Cutterhead. ESCO engineers apply highly advanced CAD systems and years of industry experience to reach their goal sand and clay cutterheads designed for maximum production and ease of maintenance.

  • Special arm-to-hub joints create full openings at the hub and provide minimum overlap between point tips and the adjacent arm.
  • Optional ring mounted teeth provide extra wear protection.
  • Arm openings are designed with maximum clearance matched to customer specifications
  • Above centerline points are available for dredging sand, clay or mixtures.
  • Points have maximum wear metal and minimum throwaway metal.

ESCO engineers use advanced computer design systems to model Sand and Clay Dredge Cutterheads and analyze angles for maximum performance.