Mala's Roadway Imaging Radar

Mala™s Roadway Imaging Radar

Redefines Highway Investigations with GPR

 Mala the world leader in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology recently released an FCC approved high speed GPR system for use in roadway evaluations.  The system completely revolutionizes the collection of radar data to determine asphalt thickness, thickness and condition of base, and sub base layers.

 The back bone of the system is the advanced GPR control unit platform, the PROEX, that allows for simultaneous data acquisition of multiple frequency transducers at highway speeds.  The transducers may be configured for extremely high frequency applications such as evaluating asphalt layer thickness to lower frequency applications such as investigating depth to bedrock, identification of sinkhole conditions and other deeper geotechnical issues.  In the past the only systems available at these speeds utilized very expensive horn antennas that only investigate the very shallowest of depths and required significant engineering to mount to a vehicle.  The roadway system developed by Mala can be configured for less than one third of the cost of these systems and is so user friendly that any technician on staff may learn to operate the system on a conventional vehicle in an existing fleet.

 Data may be collected with either a laptop computer or Mala™s XV11 monitor.  The XV11 boasts a truly sunlight readable display, one-knob operation, and a simple user interface.  The system is completely seamless with GPS so data interpretation and positioning is automated in simple software routines that also perform automatic layer picking and other powerful processing tools.


Product Highlights 

  • 30-50% the cost of older generation systems
  • Multiple transducer deployment at posted highway speeds
  • User friendly
  • Seamless with GPS

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