Provocative Reading

This could be fun. Reading just might become a contact sport for us again.

It’s not available yet (January 18), but my pre-publication copy of Gridlock by Randal O’Toole suggests it could be an inspiring/infuriating read for people in our business.  It’s subtitle is “Why we’re stuck in traffic and what to do about it” and according to  one reviewer you’ll either love it or hate it.   

James A. Dunn Jr., a professor of political science at Rutgers University and author of “Driving Forces: The automobile, its enemies, and the politics of mobility,”   says O’Toole “blasts those groups in our society that have turned from promoting mobility to restricting it.  He punctures the pretensions of congressmen, transport agency bureaucrats, urban planners, and ‘smart growth’ advocates and their ilk who want to spend billions promoting trains and rail transit systems that few people want to ride. This book will infuriate some and inspire others.”

The book is published by the Cato Institute anddistributed by the National Book Network.