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By Tina Grady Barbaccia

The BW278AD-4 AM 78-inch tandem roller from Bomag now offers the company’s exclusive Asphalt Manager intelligent compaction system. The Asphalt Manager system automatically optimizes the roller’s compaction performance during operation for efficiency and consistent density results. The system continuously measures the stiffness of the asphalt mat, and automatically increases or decreases the compaction force where needed. The real-time BOP display lets the operator constantly monitor the asphalt surface temperature, material stiffness, roller speed and amplitude. Proof rolling with the Asphalt Manager system allows base work to be inspected prior to paving. The roller also features an innovative ECOMODE system, which automatically optimizes the performance of the 130-horsepower Cummins diesel engine, matching its output to the power required for compaction. 

Dynapac’s new CC234HF tandem asphalt roller is one of four new models in the 7- to 9-ton class. Designed with performance, efficiency and operator comfort in mind, the CC234HF combines the best features of the CC line and is available in a Combi version, the CC234CHF, the manufacturer says. Several standard and optional features allow the roller to produce high-quality surface finishes, according to the manufactuer. The pivot or offset steering and optional 13-inch offset drum give superior maneuverability and make operating easier in confined spaces, reducing the risk of damaging curbs and improving compaction on longitudinal joints and unsupported edges. The absence of over-the-drum water tanks ensures continuous visibility of the drum surfaces, sprinkler nozzles and drum edges. The roller is also equipped with split front and rear drums that prevent cracking and stretching the mat. 

Hamm has introduced a 66-inch tandem roller, in two different weight classes. The new HD+ 90 features an operating weight of 20,327 pounds and the HD+ 110 has an operating weight of 23,215 pounds. Both models offer a variety of different options, including conventional vibration, high-frequency compaction at 4,000 vpm, exclusive Hamm Oscillation compaction, a combination option, and a split-drum option. As with the earlier HD+ 120 and HD+ 140 models, these new HD+ models feature Hammtronic operation as standard, providing engine management control for considerable fuel savings, programmable speed control, and the ability to independently control vibration frequency and amplitude to either drum. Drum-mounted halogen lights are standard for improved illumination to all four drum edges, and either halogen or xenon light options are available to mount to the ROPS structure. 

Sakai America’s new SW990 double-drum, high-frequency vibratory asphalt roller brings powerful performance to asphalt paving projects with its 4,000 vibrations per minute, Deutz engine and dual-drum drive system. The SW990 offers a drum width of 84 inches. The 4,000 vpm allows for 10 to 12 impacts per foot at 4.55 mph. This feature enables faster rolling speeds while maintaining the proper impacts per foot to achieve compaction, the manufacturer says. The drums are also machined smooth and edges are rounded for a smooth mat surface. The SW990 features a Deutz TCD2012L06-2V water-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine boasts 166 horsepower. The engine fully complies with the current emission standards and is mounted on rubber isolators to absorb vibration. 

Sakai America’s 300 Series rollers consist of three small double-drum steel and two combination steel/pneumatic tire roller models, all of which feature a high frequency of 4,000 vibrations per minute. This provides higher operating speeds, while still maintaining 10 to 12 impacts per foot. The SW300-1, SW320-1 and SW330-1 double-drum rollers have drum widths of 39, 47 and 51 inches, respectively. TW320-1 and TW330-1 rollers combine both vibratory drum and pneumatic tires and 47- and 51-inch vibratory drums, respectively. 

The Volvo DD138HFA asphalt compactor is designed to keep up with pavers moving at faster lay-down speeds while maintaining appropriate drum impact spacing, reducing the need for additional compactors on the job. SMART drum technology enables the operator to use lower amplitudes with higher frequency on thinner lifts and higher amplitude with lower frequency on thicker lifts and stiffer materials. 

Caterpillar Inc. introduced the CD54 vibratory asphalt compactor earlier this year at World of Asphalt, allowing the manufacturer to compete in the 8- to 11-metric ton class. The vibratory asphalt compactor is intended for production-oriented customers, featuring a versatile vibratory system, wide offset capability, performance in turns, and comfortable operating environment, the manufacturer says. Typical applications include highways, city streets, county roads, lane additions, industrial sites, overlays, airport runways and other medium- to high-production paving jobs. The CD54 has a standard operating weight of 20,944 pounds and maximum operating weight of 24,030 pounds. Standard compaction width is 67 inches, and when combined with the 51-inch offset feature, it provides a total compaction width of 118 inches. It’s also equipped with front and rear pivoting split drums and four steering modes, which include front drum, rear drum, coordinated, and crab operation. When fully offset, coordinated steering enables a 2.8 meters (110-inch) inside turning radius for good mobility near obstacles. The four-cylinder Cat 3054C turbocharged engine provides 99.5 horsepower at 2,200 rpm and meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission requirements. 

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