Rough and Ready for Anything:Road-ReadyTM Drums from Kennametal

Road-Ready-Drum-(2)(BEDFORD, PA) — Featuring Pro-FitTM or Quick-Change block systems and balanced to reduce machine vibration, Road-ReadyTM road-milling drums from Kennametal Inc. simply perform better and last longer than the competition.

Such a statement is backed by more than 30 years of Kennametal experience designing and manufacturing complete cutter drum systems. This not only covers road-milling drums, but also a complete line of conical tools, sleeves, and blocks in a range of configurations including weld-on blocks and patented quick-change systems requiring no welding and, in certain applications, no bolts.

Kennametal also emphasizes the importance of providing customized drum design services, calling it the key to giving users the productivity they expect. With a wealth of proprietary drum-lacing programs, “Kennametal engineers can tailor drums design to specific customer parameters, with such user-selectable design elements as cutting pattern, diameter, width, advance rate, and rpm,” explains Drum Product Manager Steve Stiffler. “They then determine the total number of tools required, total cutting width, wrap angle per side, radial spacing, vane angle, throat width, and estimated kicker clearance.” Drum configurations for a number of pavement conditions and road machine OEM specifications are also available, he adds. 

In addition, Kennametal’s KPF301 System provides the best tooling system in the industry. Sleeve-replacement options can quickly restore a drum to its original pattern while providing efficient cutting performance and such options as a breakaway sleeve to prevent drum damage under extreme loads. The longevity of this system is unsurpassed, according to the company.

Each Road-ReadyTM drum comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and matching identification plate that entitles users to a variety of benefits, including:

  • Kennametal’s industry-leading drum warranty.
  • A free set of premium start-up tools.
  • A complete maintenance tool kit consisting of two wedge pullers, a flex drill, a bucket spare sleeve, and a sleeve-removal tool.
  • A discount coupon off their next purchase.
  • Free shipping anywhere in the United States and Canada


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