New Road Products: New Power Equipment, Materials and Supplies for the Road Market

AccugradeMaking the grade with accuracy

A new laser-based AccuGrade grading system for Caterpillar’s C-Series Skid-Steer Loaders, Multi-Terrain Loaders and Compact Track Loaders combines the capability of the Level Best Grading Box with the C-Series loader’s integral electro/hydraulic controls to create an automated grading system capable of extreme accuracy. The new system establishes flat or single-slope grades to within ± 0.25 inch (± 6.5 mm) without grade stakes, grade checkers and stake-setting surveyors. The system works with the loader’s auxiliary-hydraulic system and integral controls to automatically adjust the elevation of the grading-box blade, eliminating undercuts and overfills and assuring that expensive base materials are spread to exact specifications.

Flex-airEasily mounts on truck

FlexAir rotary screw air compressors D185P2JD & D185P2CA models from Sullivan-Palatek are built with removable drawbar and wheels to easily mount on a truck. It’s offered with a John Deere or Caterpillar engine and comes standard with a containment frame with drain ports on all four corners, a flip-up towbar, and exterior fluid drains for the following diesel fuel, engine oil, engine coolant, and compressor oil. The also has gull-winged doors, side-by-side coolers for compressor and engine, and four-way forklift pockets.

Sending out a winter SOS

The new SOS liquid deicing product from EnviroTech Services allows the use of salt at temperatures not previously possible, according to the manufacturer. In addition, SOS was designed to reduce leaching in stockpiles, specifically in warm, high humidity situations such as salt treated in late summer and stockpiled until winter. The deicer can be applied to a stockpile in advance or as it is being delivered, since treating the entire stockpile prior to application eliminates the need for pre-wetting saddle tanks. It also increases the speed and effectiveness of salt, and penetration into ice and snow pack, and prevents the stockpile from freezing or “clumping.”

American-SafetyVisibility for safety

American Safety Vest’s new high-visibility fluorescent orange field markers can be used for a variety of applications, including construction zones. The markers are 11 inches long, weather-resistant and visible from a distance. They are attached to sturdy, slightly flexible 6-foot, fiberglass poles that can be easily inserted into and removed from mud, dirt, gravel or sand. The markers come in sets of four.

SharcRips asphalt like a ‘SHARC’

Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. now offers the 23 Series “Multi-Ripper Tooth” (MRT) designed for excavators and backhoes. Conventional twin tiger teeth have two points that help to rip rock; however, they are side by side so that when they come into contact with rock. The force is shared by the two points of MRT and are positioned using “SHARC” technology (“SHanks on an ARC”) that places the points at staggered positions along an arc that has a center approximately near the bucket/stick pivot point. This allows the tooth to rip out a relatively flat bottom while focusing the entire excavator breakout on one point at a time.

Bid List: Mowers and Mower Attachments

HarperMowing roadsides, overpasses, and bridge embankments can be difficult and dangerous.  The Harper ATM162 Slope Mower from Harper Industries helps make this job an easier, safer, and more comfortable process. The automatic self-leveling tractor allows the operator to be safe and comfortable on slopes of up to 34 degrees. The ATM162 features a 13-foot cutting width and 99 horsepower Cummins engine to provide productivity on all types of terrain.

Turf-exThe line of commercial-duty spreader attachments from TurfEx, a product division of TrynEx International, is designed to mount on a multitude of service vehicles. The spreaders provide consistent, even distribution of anything from seed to fertilizer, including deicing and anti-icing agents for winter maintenance applications, according to the manufacturer. The mountable spreader line — constructed of lightweight, corrosion-resistant polyethylene — consists of six models, available as either electric or PTO driven with capacities of 3-, 7- or 12-cubic-feet. 

Diamond1The patented Wet Blade system from Diamond Mowers is a combination mower that allows for the selective application of growth regulators, her­bicides and other water-based chemi­cals to vegetation by causing a minute amount of chemical to be immediately absorbed into the vascular system of a plant at the time of cut. The system is most effective on stem diameters 3 inches and smaller and has a maximum application rate of about 2.5 gallons of herbicide mixture per acre.

ToroThe Toro Company’s Z Master G3 zero-turning radius mowers have been redesigned with a low center of gravity, the result of a vertical shaft engine that sits lower in the chassis, a lower operator position and the 12-gallon fuel tank that is now located under the operator’s seat. The combination provides hillside stability and traction for better control and less “crabbing.” The design also incorporates unitized hydros. The new instrument panel on G3 models contains an electronic hour meter and allows operators to quickly assess the status of the mower, including fuel levels and battery voltage.

U.SMowerAvailable in four cutting widths, U.S. Mower’s Samurai Brush Flail can turn most excavators or backhoes into productive boom mowers. Designed for tough mowing jobs, the mower features Domex high-strength steel construction, universal bolt-on mount, reversible 2-pound offset mulching blades, replaceable AR400 skid shoes, direct drive motor, wire proof cutter shaft protectors and a powder coat finish. It also can safely cut and mulch small trees and brush.

HallThe ST-180 Elite from Bush-Whacker, part of Hall Manufacturing, is a 15-foot, smooth-deck, flex-wing rotary cutter and the latest in a line of product introductions from the company. The cutter’s Bush-Whacker Special Deck includes a primary (bottom) deck of 3/16-inch steel that is welded to heavy-duty channel structures. The smooth top deck is made of 12-gauge steel and protects the inner support frame. The spindle gearbox, rated with 225 horsepower, makes the cutter ideal for highway, agricultural, commercial, and other applications where a heavy-duty, rugged mower is needed.

PaladinThe Bradco line of Brush Cutters by Paladin Construction Group has features to maximize brush clearing speed and minimize power requirements. The brush cutters easily attach to most skid-steers and are designed to cut grasses, weeds, brush and trees up to four inches in diameter. High deck clearance, side discharge, flow control baffle and a smooth unobstructed deck improves performance by preventing debris build up. The rotation indicator notifies the operator of overload conditions. Internal relief built into the motor protects the drive system and provides fast, controlled shut down. A stump jumper is another added feature designed to allow the cutter to lift up over stumps and rocks, protecting the machine from damage that can be caused by hitting these obstructions.

Tiger Mower’s Bengal 3PS series of boom mowers have a cut reach out of 22.5 feet and is available with a 50-foot rotary or flail cutter head. The Bengal XB has a cut reach from 23.8 feet to 24.8 feet, enabling it to reach over obstacles such as guard rails, stumps, signs and waterways while the unit remains safely on the roadbed. All the mowers in this series now have the capability of storing the cutter head in the rear of the tractor for better visibility during transport. Cutter head options include 50-inch/60-inch rotary, 50-inch/63-inch flail or a 48-inch saw blade.

HusqHusqvarna’s line of ZTH commercial zero-turn mowers is designed for mowing both small and large areas. All models in the line have a compact design, wide-cutting decks, and high-cutting speed. They are ergonomically sound and made of a robust one-piece steel chassis. The heavy-duty bearings in pivoting front wheels and commercial duty-drive systems help ensure a long product life.

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