Strategic Development Council (SDC) Fall Meeting announced

The concrete industry’s Strategic Development Council (SDC) has announced its upcoming Session #30 meeting this fall to address several issues and initiatives facing the concrete industry.

The one-and-a-half-day meeting will be held at the Hilton Chicago/Northbrook in Northbrook, Illinois, Sept. 21-22, 2011. Topics and highlights of the meeting will include:

•    Ultra-High Performance Concrete: This is an opportunity for SDC members to learn first hand (and possibly become involved in) the on-going work of the “North American Working Group on UHPC.” Presentations on the history of UHPC, why the industry should care about UHPC its current usage, and the future of UHPC in the U.S. and ACI are scheduled along with a breakout session to identify if and how SDC can assist the working group.

•    Advance Materials Activities: The Department of Homeland Security is sponsoring a developing database that will provide the government and public with a single source access to information on existing and new material technologies available. Managing the development and population, the National Institute of Building Sciences can provide insight for concrete’s participation.

•    Other SDC Industry Critical Technologies: Updates on currently active ICTs including:
o Building Information Modeling (BIM) – an overview of involved organizations, activities, and how SDC is assisting ACI to take a more active and dynamic role in the National BIM Standards.
o Concrete Standards in Nuclear Construction – an update on recent Nuclear Energy Standards Coordination Collaborative (NESCC) activities and prospects for the nuclear industry.

•    Technology Management Committee (TMC) Report: A report on work of the reorganized Technology Management Committee (TMC) and the prominent members of its Technology Transfer Advisory Group (TTAG) on recently presented Technology Showcase technologies will be presented. TMC and TTAG have been working with these entrepreneurs by identifying pathways within the concrete standards industry to “advance technology acceptance.”

•    Breakout Sessions: Currently, breakouts will include work on two Vision 2020 topics – Cracking and Recruiting – to complete the first workshop’s work to update and enhance Vision 2020 and its Roadmap, along with meeting on providing comment/feedback to the North American Working Group on UHPC – should SDC offer its forum for future sessions, how do SDC members see the future of UHPC.

•    Technology Showcases: As usual, a series of new and interesting Technology Showcases will highlight innovative products/technologies with the potential to transform the market for concrete.

SDC membership consists of concrete industry leaders and exists to identify industry critical technologies and issues that affect the concrete community. The organization creates and implements various strategies that facilitate an efficient and effective transition into these progressive concrete technologies.

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