Oh man, is this embarrassing or what.

I like writing headlines. It’s one of my favorite things as Editor of Better Roads.

So how could I resist passing this one along:

Amtrak CEO ditches broken train to travel by car to ribbon cutting of Wilmington’s Joe Biden station

Seems the Acela high speed (sometimes) train  stopped and wasn’t about to move anytime soon somewhere in the neighborhood of Baltimore . Passenger and Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman, riding to a ribbon-cutting, must have had one of those feelings.
Read the story in the Daily Caller. Following up on this deliciously ironic embarrassment, the Reason Foundation’s Adam Summers’ blog  couldn’t help but note:
So the station ended up costing significantly more than advertised and the train still couldn’t get there on time. That’s government rail, and especially high-speed rail, in a nutshell.