Greenest Street: Chicago, Illinois

Photo: AND Inc / Shutterstock.comPhoto: AND Inc /

It’s “the greenest street in America.”

That’s what the Chicago DOT says of Cermak Road. So it must be true.

There’s been a lot written about it, but basically, to use Gizmag’s take on it, “A streetscape that includes natural landscaping, bicycle lanes, wind powered lighting, storm water diversion for irrigation, drought-resistant native plants and innovative ‘smog-eating’ concrete has earned Cermak Road in Chicago the title of ‘greenest Street in America’ according to the Chicago Department of Transport (CDOT).”

Chicago’s DOT is finding ways to make some startlingly green and sustainable improvements in their road work and management and doing it with a very efficient use of taxpayer funds. Their mantra basically is that this sort of work should be done and–surprise–you can do it cost-effectively.

My guess is that a lot of big cities in America are keeping an eye on what is happening with Chicago roads and sitting around tables to figure out how they can do the same thing.