The three scariest little words in the world: D-M-V

Ca DmvIs there an acronym that raises blood pressure more than DMV?

Here’s a story that should be read after reading our previous blog entry, the guest blog about IT.

Anyone who has ever applied for a driver’s license or tried to register their car knows that those three little letters can make you pre-crazy, as in nuts before you ever set foot in the door. California is no exception, far from it. I know, I lived and drove in LA.  Now it seems that California’s seven-year, $208 million attempt to modernize its DMV via IT has been cancelled. According to Government Technology magazine, ” An IT upgrade in progress for seven years at the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) — dubbed the IT Modernization project — was canceled Jan. 31.”  The state contracted (Hewlett-Packard) to upgrade its legacy driver’s license and registration systems — they got the license part done but virtually nothing has been done to upgrade registration data. So, half a job has been done and other half won’t be.

So, what happens now? A new plan for registration upgrading is ready and being rushed into action, right?  The magazine story ends with one of those sentences that you just have to fall in love with: “At this point, the California Technology Agency and DMV will re-evaluate how best to proceed.”