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Attention all prosumers!


greggBy Gregg Terry


So what in the world is a prosumer? Simply defined, a prosumer is a “professional” and a “consumer,” someone who uses a product both professionally and for his or her personal enjoyment. We think this word fits our audience perfectly as we launch our new magazine, ProPickup, next month.

Our research indicates more than 88 percent of Equipment World recipients surveyed drive a pickup for both business and personal use. Across our entire Construction Division (which includes Better Roads, Total Landscape Care, and Aggregates Manager magazines), our research reveals the recipients of our magazines own more than a million pickups, with each company on average owning eight of these trucks.


So what in the world is a prosumer? Simply defined, a prosumer is a “professional” and a “consumer.”


Based on this research, we’re launching ProPickup magazine next month – which you’ll automatically receive as an Equipment World recipient. Inside you’ll see information that applies directly to your business needs, including the latest on winching, what to watch for when towing, and what’s new in aftermarket exhaust. We’ll also provide do-it-yourself, step-by-step articles that offer specific, detailed procedures for adding components and systems to your trucks and engines. We’ll overview a specific pickup product category, giving you a succinct buyer’s guide to consider in future purchases. And we’ve got something up our sleeve – an exciting project that will create a pickup tricked out as the ultimate contractor vehicle.

pickupLook for three issues of ProPickup this year (Spring/May, Summer/August and Fall/November) with a goal of publishing more issues in 2011. We’d love to hear your feedback when you’ve had a chance to browse our inaugural issue next month! EW