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Weirdest U.S. Driving Laws

Posted By Lauren Heartsill Dowdle On September 2, 2013 @ 8:00 am In The Roadologist | No Comments

(Photo: Lifehacker) [1]

(Photo: Lifehacker [2])

Don’t run red lights or stop signs. Stay on your side if there are double lines. These are all laws we know and hopefully abide by – but what about these crazy rules?

  • Many states have outlawed texting while driving. But California has taken it a step further and made touching your map app while driving as unlawful as texting.

  • Have you ever turned on your hazard lights in heavy rain? If you’re driving with your hazards on in Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana or Massachusetts, you could get a ticket [2].

  • We would have this law in my home state: It’s illegal to wear a blindfold while driving in Alabama. Maybe that should be a law everywhere.

  • If you like wearing a housecoat while driving, stay away from California – it’s illegal there.

  • Like running over pedestrians? You should visit Sarasota, Florida, because it’s only a $78 fine.

  • Whoever said police officers aren’t softies hasn’t been to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They are required [3] to honk their horn or flash their lights and wait three minutes before breaking up any romantic going-ons.

  • Too young to get a license? Then you’re too young to ride a skateboard in Florida.

  • If you’re going to spit out your window in Marietta, Georgia, make sure you are driving a truck and not a car or bus – or you’ll get a ticket.

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