VIDEO: Excavator operator puts on clinic, rescues 2 bogged down dozers from a flooded ditch

|  October 25, 2013 |

Excavator rescueThanks to YouTube uploader Adam Petroff we’re able to share with you a pretty awesome example of excavator operation this morning. In the video’s description, Petroff explains that he and his crew were finish grading the slopes along a new highway when their John Deere 650H slid into the “canal” below and got stuck.

And things only got worse when a 750J tried to pull him out and also got bogged in. Luckily the crew had its Cat 345CL on hand, but in a sticky situation like this the operator makes as much difference as the machine and the guy inside this excavator is good. The 5:45 to around the 6 minute mark is a thing of beauty. Check out the video below.

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