Variable Barrier with the Power Curber 5700-C
Equipment World Staff | November 2, 2009

Variable-Barrier-57C-GottarAfter decades of pouring standard Jersey barrier wall, the Power Curber 5700-C is now capable of pouring variable barrier in highway super-elevations.  The key to variable barrier is the use of a massive (9,000lb) bifurcated mold.  Each side of the mold can be shifted vertically, independent of the other side.  This feature allows the barrier’s Jersey face to remain at the correct height as the road surface transitions into and out of a super-elevation.

The attached photo is of B. Gottardo Construction, Woodbridge, Ontario pouring variable barrier in September 2009.  The maximum height of the wall was 68” and had as much as 24” of variation.  Gottardo has completed most of the five-mile long Highway 410 Extension, a heavily traveled north-south commuter route along the western side of Toronto.      

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