Unemployment rate for veterans at 10.9%
Katie Wood | May 11, 2011

After the successful mission by U.S. and intelligence teams to bring down Osama bin Laden, U.S. Sen. Kay R Hagan, D-N.C., expressed her concern over the nearly 11% unemployment rate for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The National unemployment rate edged up to 9% in April and for the third consecutive month the economy created more than 200,000 jobs. But the unemployment rate for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan remains unchanged at 10.9%.

The bipartisan Hire A Hero Act, introduced in February by Kay Hagan and Scott Brown, R-Mass., extends the Work Opportunity Tax Credit to include members of the National Guard and Army Reserve and make the credit permanent for veterans. This means you can get a tax credit of $2400 for every veteran, Guard or Reserve you hire in 2011.

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