Trimble LR400 for laser based display systems

|  February 19, 2009 |

The robust Trimble LR400 receiver combined with the GL700 transmitter is designed specifically for earthmoving applications performed with larger machines like dozers, scrapers and excavators. The receiver features center on-grade for use with dozers and scrapers and an “excavator mode” for use with excavators and backhoes. Using the excavator mode, more above-grade information is displayed making it easier for the operator to lower the bucket and cut to the correct grade.

Features & Benefits

  • Large LED display arrows indicate “high” or “low” with amber lights and “on-grade” with green lights so the operator can quickly and easily move the cutting edge to a desired elevation, especially on larger machines such as excavators, dozers and scrapers, for improved productivity.
  • Adjustable accuracy bandwidths and distinct modes for specific applications and equipment provide flexibility to meet the machine needs and the accuracy requirements of the job.
  • Selectable “on-grade” location and accuracy indicators provide improved efficiency and allow customization of the receiver to each unique application.
  • Rugged, waterproof magnesium housing withstands tough jobsite conditions.
  • Powered using its own battery or using the machine”s battery.


  • Site prep
  • Building pads
  • Sewage and storm drains
  • Landfill sites 
  • Balancing materials


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