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Load and unload low clearance equipment and machinery with Felling Trailers’ Low Profile (LP) Deck-over Tag series, which has a loaded deck height of 33 inches. Standard features include an adjustable Lunette Eye hitch, a drop-leg jack, air brake gladhand storage, side steps, 1-inch heavy duty D-rings, a lockable toolbox in hitch, a 3-year paint warranty, a 5-year limited structural warranty and more.

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Clement’s MonStar, a supplement to the Clement ScrapStar, is a 40-foot dump trailer with an 89-cubic yard capacity. Features include a 1/4-inch, AR450 plate steel in the main body; a longitudinal-free design; 102-inch sides; a barn door tailgate; and an inverted cylinder, which is designed to promote a free flow of material.

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Trail King’s Advantage Series Sliding Axle (SA) trailer features wheels with an ability to move forward a full 212 inches and allow the deck to tilt down and create a 6.5-degree load angle, making it suitable for loading pavers and other low profile equipment. Features on this trailer include a tapered tail design, hydraulic cylinders to lift the deck to a 15-degree angle and a flexible track system.

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To handle an array of hauling jobs with a variety of front and rear deck heights that Jet offers on its 35-Ton detachable gooseneck trailers, which can be customized to fit specific needs. The trailers, which come standard in slate gray, are available in several models such as tandem or triple axle. Fabricated I-beams allow for optional 5.5-inch aluminum I-beam slide outs. Standard features include a low deck height, an adjustable ride height, a hydraulic gooseneck and a 2-inch apitong floor. Outriggers are also available.

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Jet’s 51-ton detachable gooseneck trailers, available in various models including a triple or quad axle, offer several front and rear deck heights for multiple hauling jobs. The trailers feature fabricated I-beams that allow for optional 5 ½-inch aluminum I-beam slide outs. Optional outriggers are available. Standard features include a low deck height, an adjustable ride height, a hydraulic gooseneck and a 2-inch apitong floor.

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Load low clearance equipment, long wheelbase equipment and non-powered equipment with Ledwell’s Hydratilt Hydratail Trailer, which features a hydraulic tail and hydraulic main deck hinged at the rear for a shallow angle approach. The 20,000-pound hydraulic, nose mounted winch allows the user to load cargo from the tail of the trailer to the upper deck.

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Landoll’s 900-Series Traveling Tail trailer features an upgrade to the air-operated upper deck ramps, which allows the operator to load low-clearance equipment on the upper deck with a lesser risk of high centering. Updated features include redesigned frames, a 6-foot long ramp and an 11.5-degree lower load angle.

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Load and unload equipment with Bri-Mar’s T712 Tilt Trailer, which provides 12 feet of deck length and 80 inches of inside deck width. The 6,000-pound trailer features a low-angle deck, a hydraulic cylinder, an empty weight of 1,620 pounds, a 13-degree load angle and 102 inches overall. Other models and lengths are available.

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Load a variety of equipment with the Rogers Tag-Along 25XXL. This 25-ton capacity, triple axle trailer features a 22-foot deck with a 6-foot beavertail and an 8-degree angle. Standard features include a two-speed landing gear, adjustable pintle eye, ABS and spring brakes on all axles, US DOT-approved conspicuity markings and an extra-long drawbar.

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Advanced Metalworking’s 16,000-pound capacity Lo Riser inclining platform trailer adjusts to various vehicle heights with a four-position hitch height adjustment and hydraulically lowers the platform to ground height with the flip of a switch. Other features include a 4-degree minimum angle on the built-in ramp, a 19,850-pound GVWR and a four-to-one payload-to-trailer weight ratio.

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Fontaine’s Magnitude 35 heavy-haul trailer is equipped with a 24-foot clear deck length and a loaded deck height of 20 inches, with 6 inches of ground clearance. The trailer, which can connect on uneven ground, features a built-in storage compartment with a lockable cover. The bogie can be ordered with an optional beavertail and spring-assisted rear ramps.

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The XL Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck from XL Specialized Trailers has a 66-inch flip neck and frame reinforcement for a single axle booster. The XL 65-Ton HDG, which is 108 inches wide and 61 feet, 6 inches long, handles 130,000 pounds distributed or 130,000 pounds in 10-feet concentrated. The 30-foot main deck features heavy-duty removable swingout outriggers, bent D-rings and 1.75-inch raised apitong decking.

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Talbert’s 75th anniversary package is available on 55-ton series trailers, including the 55CC, 55SA, 55SA-RC and 55SA-HX models. Cosmetic detailing on the trailer includes special Talbert 75th anniversary decals placed in each of the gooseneck insets, as well as special stainless steel insets in the rear of the trailer. Stainless steel mud flap brackets with the company’s name in a “throwback” script lettering are also included. The outriggers are powder coated and metallic silver, and the apitong decking is treated with linseed oil to preserve the finish. Options such as aluminum wheels, special lighting and custom parts and accessories are available.

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