State/Local Government

PennDOT gives $33 million in funding to municipality traffic signal upgrades
Wyoming DOT travel website adds new maps, marks 1.2 billion views in 2016
Idaho Transportation Dept. closes 2 bridges over I-15 for maintenance and repair
TRIP: Current North Carolina transportation funding not enough to meet project needs
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South Carolina legislature overrides McMaster veto to pass road funding bill
Michigan DOT gives tour of I-75 South River Rouge Bridge construction project
TRIP: Bridge and road conditions cost Oklahoma motorists $5 billion annually
North Dakota DOT director to retire May 31
FHWA sends $3 million in flood relief funds to Missouri
PennDOT Secretary Richards awarded Peter P. Quinn leadership award
Florida Transportation Commission to interview 5 for DOT secretary`
Michigan DOT uses local data in making better safety investment decisions
MaineDOT opens Bath Viaduct 25 days ahead of schedule