Titan intros low-sidewall tires that improve stability, reduce recoil

|  March 20, 2014 |

0317 Titan REAR BACKHOE - IndustrialTractorLug_LSWBigger rims and smaller sidewalls are a popular option for cars and trucks these days, and Titan has incorporated a similar low sidewall (LSW) design into its light, medium and heavy duty tire lines.

But this design isn’t for looks. The lower profile rubber and increased wheel size improve stability and reduce recoil and bouncing that sometimes happens with larger sidewall designs the company says.

This enables you to increase bucket loads and reduces spillage. It also adds stability around curves and hills and improves handling and breakout force.

The radial LSW tires are available for most sizes of wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks. Bias LSW versions are offered for graders, backhoes and skid steers, and LSW options for additional wheel loaders and mining haul trucks will become available later this year.

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