White House

Trump administration receives 168 suggestions on ways to cut regulations
Obama issues federal climate change guidance opponents fear will add delays to road, bridge projects
With increase in extreme weather, construction industry partners with Obama to work on more resilient building codes
With oil prices plummeting, Obama says now is time to raise gas tax
wireless headsets versus two-way radios for DOT crews From our partners
USDOT, White House to honor transportation “champions of change” for innovation
White House releases infrastructure planning and design guide
Recent toll road poll proves nothing; private financing of public roads is still a bad idea
White House, transportation leaders push Congress to find a long-term highway funding solution sooner rather than later
White House, transportation leaders push Congress to find highway funding solution
Obama, Biden call for infrastructure investment
Obama taps Victor Mendez for deputy transportation secretary, Peter Rogoff for under secretary for policy
House could consider bill to bring back 330 NHTSA employees
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