vehicle miles traveled

FHWA: Miles driven in U.S. reached 3.2 trillion in 2016
U.S. drivers surpass 2.4 trillion miles for first 9 months of 2016
Wisconsin vehicle miles traveled reaches all-time high at 62.1 billion miles
U.S. miles driven in first half of 2016 breaks record
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U.S. miles driven in April reach 272.8 billion, up 2.6% over 2015
U.S. miles driven in 2015 reaches 3.15 trillion, breaking previous 2007 record
FHWA says 2015 could go down as the most heavily traveled year ever
Americans drove more miles in September than in any other month ever
Wisconsin sees vehicle miles traveled increase 9% to 60 billion miles in 2014
At 237.8 billion miles in January, American driving habits underscore the need for long-term transportation funding
How much capacity is too much?
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