Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

NCDOT looking to integrate drones into emergency response, disaster relief
Drone 2.0: Kespry's lighter, stronger drone not only flies itself, it renders 3D maps for you
FAA releases finalized commercial drone rules, tossing out need for special exemptions
Parrot unveils fixed-wing Disco drone with autopilot and an orbiting "Loiter" mode
paver control panel From our partners
Ford wants the F-150 to be a "drone base station" for mobile deployment
Caterpillar studying how drones can enhance heavy equipment production
N. Carolina DOT issues its own drone guidelines for recreational operation
FAA to require online drone registration starting Dec. 21
Topcon debuts the Falcon 8, a rotary wing drone for mass data collection
FAA's coming drone registration will likely be very easy
VIDEO: Watch drones autonomously weave a bridge in mid-air
FAA testing smartphone app that shows drone operators where they can and can't fly
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