tunnel boring machine

As Bertha visits the dentist, a look at how this machine digs and builds the SR99 tunnel at the same time (VIDEO)
Bertha will soon begin digging below the viaduct its path will replace
Bertha is nearly ready to start tunneling again (VIDEO)
paver control panel From our partners
Bertha delayed again; won't restart drilling until late December
Big Bertha wakes from one-year nap, begins to chew her way into repair pit
Repairs to Big Bertha will require a 12-story pit and removing the tunnel-boring machine's cutterhead
Tunnel-boring machine Big Bertha shut down for "months" due to complexity of needed repairs
VIDEO: Baby Bertha? Bechtel builds mini tunnel-boring machine using 50,000 Legos
Another mystery overheats, halts tunnel-boring machine Big Bertha once more
A steel pipe is what brought Big Bertha, the world's largest tunnel-boring machine, to a halt
Unstoppable Force, Immovable Object: Seattle's Big Bertha halted by mystery object
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