Automation to transform trucking 'faster than most think,' forecasters say
The Nikola One is an electric Class 8 hauler with 2,000 hp, 1,200-mile range...that you don't have to plug in
Hauling heavy equipment? Use this Best Practices checklist to ensure your load is secure
Big Brother or Better Drivers? Inside the monitoring tech trucking and Caterpillar's Smartband are using to make operation safer
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Samsung's "see-through" semi truck is neat, but its existence hints at a much more exciting future for transportation (VIDEO)
Breaking down the FMCSA's 30-minute rest break exemption for heavy haulers
How to survive an earthquake while driving a big rig (VIDEO)
Volvo now offers its VNX 630 heavy hauler in a tridem axle model
How to determine trailer length for heavy equipment hauling using Kingpin to Rear Axle limits connects contractors and truck owners through an easy-to-use load board
VIDEO: Semi truck jumps over F1 car, lands 83 feet later to set a world record
Future for trucking bright? ATA predicts so
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