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VIDEO: Inside Ford's redesigned truck plant to see how the 2015 F-150 is made
VIDEO: Excavator scrapes 50 tons of sharp rock out of 2015 F-150 to test aluminum bed
VIDEO: 36,000-horsepower semi truck outruns a microjet plane in a drag race
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VIDEO: Truck crashes into barrier and is ripped in half, all in the name of science and homeland security
VIDEO: Watch a Chevrolet S-10 pickup explode to 219 mph, become quickest street-legal vehicle in the world
VIDEO: How to build a LEGO dump truck with an excavator bucket instead of your hands
VIDEO: Weight of crane shoves hauler into a jackknife that sends crane over a hillside
VIDEO: Semi hauling an excavator plows through a guardhouse while pulling onto college campus
VIDEO: How to haul a bulldozer with a mining truck and make an awful noise in the process
VIDEO: Massive steel beam falls off trailer, snatches semi truck onto its side
VIDEO: Excavator uprights artic truck that managed to flip and fold itself in half