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VIDEO: 11-year-old steals concrete mixer, leads police on high-speed chase
VIDEO: 2017 F-150 Raptor prototype braves soft terrain, logs and water in Ford trail testing
VIDEO: Dump truck bed lifts while driving, destroys overhead highway sign
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VIDEO: Dozer drops from trailer while being hauled, flies head-on into traffic
VIDEO: Excavator's thread-like cable snaps, tanker truck in tow goes careening off muddy hillside
VIDEO: With this DeLorean/Chevy Blazer monster truck conversion, who needs to go Back to the Future?
VIDEO: Ram's 5-ton Raminator monster truck wrecks world record to become fastest ever
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VIDEO: "Truckumentary" teaser gives first look at next-gen Nissan Titan in action
VIDEO: Semi truck jumps over F1 car, lands 83 feet later to set a world record