transportation construction

Illinois Tollway awards $3.8 million in construction contracts in April
Los Angeles at a tipping point: get serious about public transportation or sink into Third World status
Obama urges Congress to focus on improving infrastructure rather than Keystone XL in State of the Union
More reasons not to build toll roads
construction boom cities of 2017 From our partners
Recent toll road poll proves nothing; private financing of public roads is still a bad idea
House passes $10.8 billion quick fix as highway construction funding nears insolvency
Senate committee approves 6-year highway bill but funding questions remain
DOT now predicts Highway Trust Fund will run out of money by end of August
Americans would rather pay more taxes to fund infrastructure over national defense or health care
Recent talks suggest Congress has put transportation funding on the back burner
A pros-and-cons overview of available options for funding transportation infrastructure
Congress discusses expanded oil and gas drilling as source of transportation funding
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