Massachusetts Turnpike toll collector killed after being struck by a pickup
Texas HOV lanes could bring in transportation funds from single-passenger cars
Delaware to see raised tolls instead of gas tax hike
Variable-price tolling possible on I-84, I-95 in Connecticut
construction boom cities of 2017 From our partners
North Carolina DOT: Future state funding likely to include tolls
Interstate tolling gains new enemy in big-business group
Reason Foundation: Value-added tolling is ‘better deal’ for drivers than gas tax
U.S. toll industry expected to be stable in 2014
Don’t mess with the toll roads; Virginia man racks up $250K bill
IBTTA Executive Director, CEO Patrick Jones calls for tolls as means to relieve congestion
MassDOT to hold public meeting on all-electronic tolling
Massachusetts moves forward with all-electronic tolling plan
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