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Obama as Roosevelt

Posted by Tom Jackson on Feb 18, 2009

With the mainstream media pounding us with the notion that President Obama is somehow the new FDR and the stimulus ...

Get your shovels ready

Posted by Tom Jackson on Feb 18, 2009

The website Stimulus Watch has a comprehensive list of where the stimulus money is going. It's broken out on a ...

Used car salesmen and the stimulus bill

Posted by Tom Jackson on Feb 11, 2009

Rick Martinez of the Raleigh News & Observer finds a lot in common with the way the stimulus bill has been ...

Stimulus bill to small businesses–forget you

Posted by Tom Jackson on Feb 10, 2009

With Congress about to throw $825 billion out the window for economic stimulus, you'd think there might be a few ...

Cat cautions against “Buy American”

Posted by Tom Jackson on Feb 06, 2009

If you still need any proof that the stimulus bill being debated now in congress is rash and ill-considered take ...

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