NYC's Nordstrom Tower will at least have the tallest roof in the U.S.
Will NYC's Nordstrom Tower overtake One World Trade Center as the tallest building in the U.S.?
The world built more skyscrapers and supertall buildings in 2014 than in any other year in history
This 1,600-foot skyscraper harnesses wind through a massive funnel to generate its own power
wireless headsets versus two-way radios for DOT crews From our partners
No. 9 in 2013: Death-defying Empire State Building construction photos
Designers known for steel and concrete say they've figured out best way to build wooden towers
Korea's 1,400-foot-tall City Tower to be world's first invisible skyscraper
Japanese companies develop 300-ton pendulums that reduce swaying in skyscrapers during earthquakes
Construction of China's Sky City, soon-to-be world's tallest building, extended from 90 days to 7 months
Is there a limit to how tall we can build skyscrapers?
Construction of 2nd tallest building stopped over corrosive concrete
Tall building completions decrease worldwide in 2012
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