San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Caltrans completes San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Span cantilever demolition
Report: Caltrans decision to hire inexperienced Chinese firm for Bay Bridge welding "will haunt" travelers "for generations"
Buying Time with U.S. Bridges
Demolition of old Bay Bridge will be a delicate exercise
wireless headsets versus two-way radios for DOT crews From our partners
AASHTO announces Faces of Transportation photo contest winners
VIDEO: Beautiful Bay Bridge time-lapse compresses 42k hours of construction into 4 mintues
Oakland Bay Bridge: Open Again—and Finally Done!
Bike and pedestrian path opens on San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
VIDEO: San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge opens on Labor Day
VIDEO: Crews construct world’s largest self-anchored suspension bridge
San Francisco-Oakland: Troubled bridge over water
Variable pricing: A case study
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