Russia looks to the Netherlands' plastic roads project
VIDEO: Tightrope-walking dozer operator likely the only one dumb enough to ever try it
VIDEO: High-rise drops but won't fall after 2 giant blasts to core in failed demolition
VIDEO: Drunk guy in a wheel loader plows through parked cars; is swiftly brought to justice by angry mob
avoiding struck-by incidents From our partners
VIDEOS: The Coldest Place on Earth and an Antarctic Condition 1 Storm
How Sochi Prepared Its Transportation System for the Winter Olympics
VIDEO: 5 minutes of crane FAILS: toppling over hills, trains, buildings
VIDEO: Squats for Train Tickets
VIDEO: Genius doesn't secure payload of concrete slabs, slings them at nearby cars
VIDEO: Dump truck driver unaware he's hauling a raging fire
Report: SDLG wheel loaders will soon appear in North American Volvo dealerships
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