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Holcim is burning shoes to reduce pollution when making cement (VIDEO)

Holcim is burning shoes to reduce pollution when making...

Posted by Bobby Atkinson on Aug 18, 2015

Holcim is using shoes to take a step toward being a leader as an environmentally friendly aggregate producer with its Vietnam operation. The company has forged ...

Texas county tries “mechanical concrete”

Texas county tries “mechanical concrete”

Posted by John Latta on Jul 23, 2013

A major Texas county is trying out a road bed system that uses old tires. Thousands of them, not chewed ...

BidList  Preserving Pavement

BidList Preserving Pavement

Posted by Brooke Wisdom on Oct 01, 2009

  Infrared heaters from Ray-Tech Corp. can be used to repair potholes, create decorative asphalt imprinting, repair utility cuts in roads, ...

Cutler Paving Recycles Existing Asphalt Pavements

Posted by Equipment World Staff on Sep 29, 2009

Cutler Paving, Inc. recycles existing asphalt pavements in a single pass, utilizing its own hot in-place recycling equipment that applies ...