Obama proposes 6-year, $478 billion highway bill; industry groups voice support
Corporate tax code reforms have early bi-partisan support as method for funding long-term highway bill this year
Obama calls for 'bipartisan infrastructure plan,' doesn't mention gas tax increase
Obama urges Congress to focus on improving infrastructure rather than Keystone XL in State of the Union
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Obama unveils immigration reform shielding 5 million from deportation; challenges Congress to "pass a bill"
White House, transportation leaders push Congress to find a long-term highway funding solution sooner rather than later
If you don't know how to build a house, how can you build a country?
Obama pushes for transportation funding during Key Bridge visit
U.S. construction spending ticks up 0.1% in May despite dip in home building
Senate committee approves bill to bypass Obama, clear the way for Keystone XL pipeline construction
Obama signs water projects reauthorization bill into law
Obama signs into law first water bill in 7 years