National Association of Home Builders

U.S. home starts fall 6.2% in March
U.S. home starts up 10.5% as labor, lot costs continue to worry builders
U.S. home starts fall 11% in October; builder confidence dips first time in 5 months
Home starts up 6.5% in September while builder confidence reaches boom-level high
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Home starts back on track with 20% jump in April
Home starts recover a bit with 2% gain in March
Home starts plunge 17% in February as cold weather and worker shortage drop builder confidence
U.S. home starts fall 2 percent in January as builder confidence dips due to cold weather
With December bump, U.S. home builders started 9% more homes in 2014
Home starts rise 6.3% in September as homebuilder confidence falls back to earth
Home starts fall 6.5% in May as apartment construction and permits slow
Building permits up in October, but government delays housing starts data for second month due to shutdown