long-term highway bill

Senate votes to meet with House to finalize highway bill
Senate Dems threaten to block all short-term highway plans
Bipartisan highway bill would tie federal gas tax to inflation, create transportation commission
Today is Stand Up 4 Transportation Day; campaign urges passage of long-term highway bill
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Shuster leads Pennsylvania transportation roadshow for infrastructure needs awareness
At 237.8 billion miles in January, American driving habits underscore the need for long-term transportation funding
DOT chief Foxx sends revised transportation bill to Congress
Highway Trust Fund inaction would cost Mississippi jobs, long-term road and bridge projects
#FixTheTrustFund campaign aims to flood social media with infographics supporting a long-term highway bill
White House, transportation leaders push Congress to find a long-term highway funding solution sooner rather than later
Senators to release long term highway bill on Monday, markup set for Thursday
DOT Chief Foxx sends long-term highway bill to Congress
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