Left Coast Lifter

Construction of new Tappan Zee Bridge is halfway done, new video details future work
Combining design, build contracts saved $1.7 billion on Tappan Zee Bridge project
Crews, Left Coast Lifter, place first horizontal pieces for new Tappan Zee Bridge
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Giant "Left Coast Lifter" crane's first lift at new Tappan Zee bridge site more than a year in the making
Tappan Zee bridge site welcomes humongous floating crane
"Left Coast Lifter," one of the largest floating cranes in the world, clocks in at new Tappan Zee bridge site
Giant floating crane completes 6k-mile trek to New York for Tappan Zee Bridge construction (VIDEO)
Massive bridge-building crane floats into New York Harbor
Floating crane that will build the Tappan Zee Bridge, sets sail on 6k-mile journey to New York