Komatsu earnings

Komatsu profit falls 52% in 1Q on stronger Yen
Chinese, mining demand drags down Komatsu sales as profit falls 11% in first 9 months of the year
Decline in sales sends Komatsu profit tumbling 20% in first half of 2015
Despite uptick in sales, Komatsu sees fiscal year 2014 profit fall 3.5%
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Komatsu profit up 5.5% in 3Q thanks to strong construction equipment sales in North America
Despite slight dip in profit during first 6 months, Komatsu revises full-year forecast upward on "brisk" equipment sales
Komatsu sees slight boost in sales and profit during 1Q
Komatsu sees profit jump 26% in FY 2013, but expects less demand in coming year
Komatsu profit up 26% in first 9 months due to increased demand for construction equipment