Hurricane Sandy

FEMA sends $230 million to NY/NJ Port Authority for Holland Tunnel repairs (VIDEO)
Saugatuck Island (Conn.) to replace 87-year-old wooden bridge to mainland
A year and a half after Sandy's devastation, New Jersey leads nation in construction job losses
wireless headsets versus two-way radios for DOT crews From our partners
Find out which state leads the nation in construction job losses
Home design with a tornado-proof core could serve as the blueprint for storm-proofing future communities
VIDEO: FDNY firefighters form a construction company to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy
DOT chief Foxx commends ongoing Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts
NYC building $38 million steel wall to protect subway from future storms
Construction boom kicks in 5 months in Sandy's wake
New York City plans to use $1.8 billion in federal Sandy relief to rebuild homes
Sandy recovery bill
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