Most recent highway funding patch "the last," vows Shuster as bicameral conference gets underway
Yet another patch passed by House would extend highway funding through Dec. 4 as Congress works out long-term bill
Obama signs 3-week transportation funding patch into law
Senate sends 3-week transportation funding patch to Obama's desk
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House passes 3-week Highway Trust Fund patch for time needed to craft long-term bill
House lawmakers propose one more highway funding patch while working on long-term bill
House transportation committee approves 6-year highway bill
All 19 Democratic governors join together to urge Congress to act on a highway bill soon
House transportation committee schedules transportation bill markup
AAA poll finds 70% of Americans want Congress to spend more on roads
Virginia DOT gets $55.5 million in extra federal funds for road work
House Majority leader pledges to pass a long-term highway bill