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Obama stresses importance of construction, infrastructure, skilled labor in State of the Union

Obama stresses importance of construction,...

Posted by Wayne Grayson on Feb 13, 2013

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Barack Obama stressed the great importance of construction, housing, infrastructure, ...

Habitat gets creative with Eco-Village concept

Habitat gets creative with Eco-Village concept

Posted by Tom Jackson on Sep 05, 2012

Habitat for Humanity is launching an ambitious project near Minneapolis that may very well become the precursor to a new ...

Today’s housing fantasy

Today’s housing fantasy

Posted by Tom Jackson on Aug 28, 2012

Most major media outlets are gleefully reporting a rise in home prices this month. The Case-Shiller index has finally risen ...

Homebuilders snatching up land

Posted by Tom Jackson on Sep 01, 2009

Bloomberg reported last week that some of the nation's largest homebuilders (at least those that are still solvent) are buying ...

Arizona builders ask for moratorium on fees

Posted by Tom Jackson on Jun 11, 2009

Homebuilders in Arizona are hoping that a proposed three-year moratorium on development impact fees will help stimulate the state construction ...

Survivor logic–homebuilding giants merge

Posted by Tom Jackson on Apr 08, 2009

Pulte announced this morning that it would buy it's rival Centex in a $3.1-billion deal. The acquisition still needs shareholder approval, ...

House democrats stiff homebuilders

Posted by Tom Jackson on Mar 25, 2009

Despite President Obama asking for it, democrats in the House of Representatives left out a proposal in the 2010 budget that would ...