highway funding

Funding shortfall, no new gas tax halts highway projects in Hawaii
S. Carolina DOT slates 10 bridges for replacement
Gov. Haley signs into law S. Carolina’s $2.2 billion highway funding bill
Michigan DOT's 5-year transportation plan includes $6.8 billion for highway restructuring and repair
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LA Metro reveals 40-year, $120 billion transportation plan
North Dakota DOT closing rest areas, making other cuts due to $69 million shortfall
Indiana House passes plan to raise taxes on cigarettes and gas to pay for roads
Obama proposes $10-per-barrel tax on oil production to fund green infrastructure
Texas DOT announces $1.3 billion plan for projects to improve traffic congestion
Ohio TRAC approves 7 new projects totaling $58.6 million
Democratic presidential candidates call for increased highway funding
California governor proposes annual vehicle fee to fund road construction