Hillary Clinton rolls out $275 billion infrastructure plan at launch of construction coalition
Obama signs 2-week transportation patch
Democratic senators call for shorter highway bill in order to maximize funding
Most recent highway funding patch "the last," vows Shuster as bicameral conference gets underway
wireless headsets versus two-way radios for DOT crews From our partners
Yet another patch passed by House would extend highway funding through Dec. 4 as Congress works out long-term bill
Wisconsin sees vehicle miles traveled increase 9% to 60 billion miles in 2014
Obama signs 3-week transportation funding patch into law
Senate sends 3-week transportation funding patch to Obama's desk
House passes 3-week Highway Trust Fund patch for time needed to craft long-term bill
House lawmakers propose one more highway funding patch while working on long-term bill
House transportation committee approves 6-year highway bill
All 19 Democratic governors join together to urge Congress to act on a highway bill soon