heavy haulers

The evolution of heavy truck design
Inside the Nikola One: The electric semi is packed with tech to "revolutionize" trucking
Automation to transform trucking 'faster than most think,' forecasters say
Cummins intros 2 new torque ratings for ISX12
natural gas pipeline mapping crew From our partners
Electric hauler Nikola One's huge range, high-tech comforts draw 7,000+ pre-orders
The Nikola One is an electric Class 8 hauler with 2,000 hp, 1,200-mile range...that you don't have to plug in
How in-motion, pre-scan weigh station technology could affect specialized and heavy equipment haulers
Samsung's "see-through" semi truck is neat, but its existence hints at a much more exciting future for transportation (VIDEO)
Volvo now offers its VNX 630 heavy hauler in a tridem axle model
VIDEO: Dozer drops from trailer while being hauled, flies head-on into traffic
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