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VIDEO: Expert excavator operator makes quick work of mat bridge over small creek
VIDEO: Graders go wheels up to tackle extreme sloping
VIDEO: With gentle skill, excavator operator rescues baby deer from deep mud
VIDEO: Backhoe operator tackles obstacle course of giant, watery holes
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VIDEO: Backhoe joyride sparks police chase, causes thousands in damage to Florida bridge
VIDEO: Parking garage collapses atop excavator during demolition
VIDEO: 2 excavators upright tipped end dumper that forgot one vital step
VIDEO: 3 jacked up pickups in tug of war with Volvo A25G artic would be cute if it weren't so sad
VIDEO: Excavator operators sled sideways down snowy hills like they're in the digger luge
VIDEO: Flipping loader an example of how not to chop down a Christmas tree
VIDEO: 3 excavators, 2 dozers team up to move 100-year, 518k-lb. tree to new home
VIDEO: Bucket badly stuck and without a clue, excavator operator begins burying tracks too