Why contractors should always consider a specialist when hauling the biggest loads
Electric hauler Nikola One's huge range, high-tech comforts draw 7,000+ pre-orders
Minn. bill would ease restrictions on construction material, aggregate hauling
IRS eyeing changes to definition of vehicles that fall under excise tax
paver control panel From our partners
Trailered backhoe overturns during haul, kills driver in California
Breaking down the FMCSA's 30-minute rest break exemption for heavy haulers
Ox Bodies launches new range of Trail Ox Series end dump trailers
HEADS UP: Hitting utility lines when hauling heavy equipment can become an expensive ordeal
VIDEO: Dozer drops from trailer while being hauled, flies head-on into traffic
How to determine trailer length for heavy equipment hauling using Kingpin to Rear Axle limits
Deciphering the Federal Bridge Law formula: what contractors and heavy equipment haulers need to know
Heavier front axles give Kenworth's T370 more brawn in construction applications
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