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Earth hour candle sets townhouse ablaze

Posted by Tom Jackson on Apr 01, 2009

Last weekend, in case you missed it, concerned citizens of the earth were encouraged to turn off all their lights and ...

CARB seeks to ban black as a car paint color

Posted by Tom Jackson on Mar 25, 2009

Really, you couldn't make this stuff up if you tried. The California Air Resources Board has authored an impressively detailed study ...

EPA to declare carbon dioxide a dangerous pollutant

Posted by Tom Jackson on Mar 25, 2009

This little noticed news (the EPA put out their press release Friday, guaranteeing minimal coverage) reminds me of a joke. Two ...

Chinese debut all-electric car

Posted by Tom Jackson on Feb 20, 2009

It's a plug-in model, no internal combustion, and it gets 93 miles per charge, goes up to 72 miles per ...

Researchers: Biofuels could replace 1/3 of our gasoline...

Posted by Tom Jackson on Feb 11, 2009

General Motors and Sandia National Laboratories produced this study that says we could replace one-third of our gasoline use with biofuels ...

Green technology pounded by recession

Posted by Tom Jackson on Feb 06, 2009

There is a certain cadre in the environmental movement that would like nothing better than for the whole industrial world ...

Carbon sequestration plan called a sham

Posted by Tom Jackson on Jan 29, 2009

One of the big ideas the Obama people floated during the primaries and election last fall was the notion that ...

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