Electric cars

Fuel cell research leads to breakthrough on more powerful batteries for electric vehicles
Do Tesla's 200K+ Model 3 pre-orders signal the shift to electric on U.S. highways?
Foxx says USDOT has no plans for national regulations on autonomous cars
USDOT joins Workplace Charging Challenge for plug-in electric vehicles
wireless headsets versus two-way radios for DOT crews From our partners
How big data and the electric car reveal the future of heavy equipment emissions regulations
POLL: Diesel? Hydrogen? Electricity? What will fuel future highways?
Technology is changing transportation at high speed. How DOTs can adapt now
Report: Apple is working on an electric car to take on Tesla
Tesla gigafactory will create 3,000 construction jobs in Nevada
Top 5 Cities for Electric Cars
VIDEO: Watch this tank utterly destroy a Toyota Prius
GEAR: Toyota Me.We concept is a pickup, electric car and convertible in one (PHOTOS)
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