dozer videos

VIDEO: Power Dozer's tracked blade can build earth walls, clear minefields, backfill like nobody's business
VIDEO: Three large dozers join forces to create one giant wall of dirt
VIDEO: Toddler operates his Cat D8 homemade mini dozer like a boss
avoiding struck-by incidents From our partners
VIDEO: Old dozer holds its own in tug battle against 2 tracked tractors
VIDEO: 3 excavators, 2 dozers team up to move 100-year, 518k-lb. tree to new home
VIDEO: Dozer tumbles from ramp in platform collapse
VIDEO: 3 dozers pull upended excavator and a bunch of gear up a ridiculous rocky grade
VIDEO: Tightrope-walking dozer operator likely the only one dumb enough to ever try it
VIDEO: Watch a tag team of giant dozers compact, crush a mobile home in seconds
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