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VIDEO: Water tower demolition looks like the triumphant end to a sci-fi movie
VIDEO: 200 pounds of TNT quickly crumbles Detroit hotel in sweeping drone implosion footage
VIDEO: 1,100 pounds of dynamite fails to bring down Vegas hotel, ruins demo firm's perfect record
VIDEO: Excavator unravels a silo into a crumbled heap with a single yank of cable
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VIDEO: High-rise drops but won't fall after 2 giant blasts to core in failed demolition
VIDEO: Implosion at Texas A&M football stadium one of the most beautiful demos you'll find
VIDEO: Workers caught on tape firing assault rifle inside Orlando building they were demolishing
VIDEO: This implosion's fireworks and colorful smoke signals make for the most entertaining demolition ever
VIDEO: Worker dangles from excavator hammer 100 feet up to cut column loose during demo
VIDEO: Watch the Metrodome implosion and full demolition time lapse
VIDEO: Excavator destroys bridge with one nudge, creates huge wave in domino effect